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Our services, our advantages

Becoming a member of the CSPV is an asset. We offer significant benefits to our members. Sponsor members will have access to special services such as special features of the website, helpdesk and newsletter.
Advantages Member Sponsor
Representations of interests, lobbying
Insertion of the company name in the website
Regular meetings
Use of the CSPV logo
Trade fairs / fairs conventions
Special features of the website :
  • Mini-sites for sponsors with company description
  • Automated matching function for customers and partners, geographic search
  • Helpdesk by email
  • Publication of advertisements and tenders
HelpDesk :
  • Use of support mechanisms (credits, grants)
  • Commissioning problems (STEG)
  • Interaction with the client
  • Removing trade barriers
  • Exchange experiences
Newsletter :
  • Regular information on technological and regulatory developments
  • Regular reports on the recent activities of the CSPV
  • Regular information on tenders and specific information

Funding of the CSPV

The CSPV's sources of funding are the subscribers 'contributions and the sponsors' donations among the members enabling them to benefit from special services.
  • Sponsors' donations will enable the CSPV to hire a permanent General Secretary to provide regular assistance and daily room service, as well as to set up a website, help desk and newsletter.
  • The annual fee is 100 dinars per company.

Sponsorship grid

Capacity installed in 2015 (in kWp)Sponsorship Donation per year
< 50300 DT
50 - 100800 DT
100 - 3001 500 DT
300 - 5002 000 DT
500 < 2 500 DT

Sponsoring conditions


Donations from sponsors used exclusively for the establishment and operation of the special services mentioned above as well as for the salary of the Secretary General. Only the CSPV Executive Board has the right to decide on the use of donations. Sponsors will be informed regularly about the use of donations and the progress of the implementation of special services.

The VSPC accepts donations from its members as well as from independent bodies to promote renewable energies in Tunisia.

Donations are paid on the basis of the sponsorship grid for a period of 12 months from the date of signature of the membership form. Sponsorship is automatically extended for cancellation at least 3 months before the end of the current sponsorship period.


Enrollement form

We want to join the CSPV
We would like to subscribe to special services (Only members have access to special services)
(Please consult the sponsorship grid)
AMEN BANK IBAN : TN 59 07 051 0109105517603 27

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